Awards and Grants

1983.Award of merit at the Nelson N.P.A. Summer exhibition.
Bishop Suter Art Gallery. Nelson. New Zealand.

1987. Award of merit at the Nelson N.P A Summer exhibition.
Bishop Suter Art Gallery. Nelson. New Zealand.

1986.Queen Elizabeth 2nd Arts Council Of New Zealand.
Awarded a research grant to study,design, build and
fire a wood burning tunnel kiln based on the Japanese
Anagama to start a new field of sculptural art work.

1989.New Zealand Academy Of Fine Arts 1998 National award for
innovation art award.National Provident Exhibition.
Wellington New Zealand.

1990. Awarded the 1990 A.N.Z.A.C. Fellowship to study sculpture and
ceramic art , aboriginal art . this was 4months in 5 states of
Australia. South Australia, Victoria,Canberra, New South
Wales and, universities, studios etc.

1990 .Special judges commendation for, the sculptural
installation ."The Story Teller The Listner and the Dimple
Trees." at the 32 National New Zealand NZPA exhibition.
this work was purchased by and is now in the permanent
collection of the Robert McDougal(Christchurch) art gallery.
Christchurch,New Zealand.

1991. Awarded a Queen Elizabeth 2nd arts council of New Zealand
Major Creative Development Grant to help prepare major
works for international exhibitions outside of New Zealand.

1992. Awarded the Gold Medal and Diploma Of Honor at the
X111 Biennale Internationale De Ceramique Art in
Vallauris, Southern France. ( medaille d or). for the ceramic
painting. "Conservation New Zealand Dream"

1993 .Awarded the New Zealand Japan Foundation Grant to make
quality artworks and sculptures, lectures and hold
2 exhibitions in Japan.These were in Itoh Museum Fujimi, Nagano, Honshu.
Ishibashi Museum (Bridgestone) Kurume Kyushu. Plus two smaller exhibitions in
Fukuoka. I wa award the role as cultural ambassador for the Tasman District
for this series of exhibitions and talks. Exhibiting with Japanese artist
Shigeyoshi Sueyasu.

1994. Royal Easter Show.Merit award Auckland New Zealand.

1994. 2nd Cairo International Biennale. National Center of Fine Arts
Giza Egypt Darryl Robertson awarded a Jury Prize and Gold Medal
for excellence for "Beneath The Surface" Painted work.

1994.Awarded merit award at the Nelson NPA Summer Exhibition.
Bishop Suter art Gallery. Nelson New Zealand

1996.Royal Easter Show Exhibition. Awarded Royal Champion Prize.
Judge Sally Vinson.

1996.Best Overall Sculpture Award, at Nelson NPA Summer Exhibition.
For "Kiln Masters". 3 peice Sculpture, copper, wood and clay.

1996. The Trustbank Canterbury New Zealand Arts Excellence Award
Major award for creation and exhibition of new international works.

1997.Kutani International art /design exhibition. Award of Merit to Darryl Robertson
in recognition of outstanding achievement for the work "The Southern Cross"
Komatsu, Ishikawa prefecture Japan.

I997. The Cleveland Art Award, Dunedin New Zealand.
Award of merit for the marble sculpture "We Two"
Judge Bing Dawe.

1997. Nelson NPA Summer Exhibition. Best Craftsmanship
for two ceramic art paintings and Around Lizard Rock" and Sculpture Evolution Lizard Rock.

1998. Mashiko International Hamada / Komoda exhibition.
Judges Commendation for "Crosspoint Winter Covers Autumns colors. "
Mashiko Machi, Honshu, Japan.

1999. Creative New Zealand Major works grant to develop new experimental works.
Creative New Zealand Art council. Wellington New Zealand.

1999. Birkenhead Awards, Merit award for the Black Fossile.
Auckland New Zealand. Judge Campbell Hegan Austalia.

1999. Molly Morpeth Canady Awards , Whakatane Museum, New Zealand.
A.N.Z.A.C Crosses. Judge Bryce Stevens, Hamilton.

1999. Nelson NPA Summer Exhibition. Best sculpture award.
"Two Points of view" Clay and marble.
Judges. Bill Pattle, Julie Warren, Ross Richard, New Zealand

2000. Kansas Orton Cone Box Exhibition. Baker University Purchase award
for "The Southern Cross"A.N.Z.A.C "
Judges Nina Hole, Denmark. Richard Notkin, Montana. Jeff Oestriech, Minesota.

2000. Birkenhead Awards Premier Award for "A.N.Z.A.C. Southern Cross".
Auckland, New Zealand. Judge Len Castle.

2000. Nelson NPA 21st Anniversary exhibition. Premier Award for
Best work in show "Waitua in My Canoe" Elm, copper,clay, porcelain.
Judges Susie Moncerieff, Helen Telford, Sue Newett.
Suter Art Gallery, Nelson, New Zealand.

2001 Ballantynes Contemporary Exhibition. Canterbury Museum
Christchurch, New Zealand. Cobcraft Award, Judge Royce McGlashen.

2001. Molly Morpeth Canaday Exhibition, Whakatane Museum, New Zealand.
Judges commendation award for "We Two". Judge Peter Oxborough.

200I. Cleveland Art Awards Dunedin, New Zealand.
Premier award for "Sideways Stare " Judge Galvan Kepler MacNamara.

2002.The Franklyn Awards. Franklyn, New Zealand
Premeir Autobahn award, for " Anagama "
Judge Margaret Sumich, Auckland, New Zealand.

2003. Korea Cheonju Biennale. Honorable mention "For Man on a Mountain "
Cheonju Korea.

2003. Cleveland Art Awards .Dunedin New Zealand.
Premeir Award for "Four Points of View "
Judge Wayne Marriott. New Zealand .