"Hi Darryl and Lesley,The painting arrived safe and sound in about 5 days.It looks lovely in our bedroom and I am hoping it will inspire me to be more enlightened as time goes by."

Jan, Australia, 4th May, 2010

"Hello Lesley,Our Reclining Nude arrived safely on Tuesday.It is now on the wall in our lounge and looks very good.Thank you for your CV and the great care that had been taken in order for the painting to arrive safely and undamaged.We enjoyed our visit and want to come back.
Best Wishes."

Bernie and Cheryl, New Zealand, 4th May, 2010

"Lesley and Darryl, Just to let you know that the painting arrived safe and sound and look fantastic up on the wall.Many thanks."

Tim and Margaret, New Zealand, 4th May, 2010

"This is to let you know that the artwork arrived safe and sound yesterday and is already hanging in our living room.It looks absolutely
amazing and we are thrilled with it.It serves a a reminder that we need to keep strong to what is important to us in our daily lives !.We look forward to visiting Bronte Gallery next year so we can view your wonderful artworks again.Thanks so much."

Fiona, New Zealand, 4th May, 2010

"Hi Darryl,
The paintings arrived .! absolutely superb attention to detail in preparing them. We are deciding where the should hang so really look forward to to getting them on the walls. Your packing is great.
Thanks again for all your help we are really pleased with our works.All the best."

Dennis, New Zealand, 4th May, 2010

"Hi Darryl,
The painting arrived safely you did a good job you packed it so well.
The painting is fantastic I commissioned you to paint is just as I remembered I am really pleased with it.Many thanks for your work and attention.You can count me as a very happy customer.I will drop on and say hello when we return to Nelson ! Regards."

Jon, United Kingdom, 4th May, 2010

"Darryl, we received "Three Points Of View" today and we are extremely happy with the sculpture.We enjoyed Bronte Gallery and especially the
time we spent with you.Thank you for giving us someting special to remember of our trip to New Zealand. Our best to Lesley and you."

David and Diane, Santa Monica USA, 4th May, 2010

"Yes , it arrived safely !! and kudos for such a great packing job.
The painting is happily hung in our dining room with its own spotlight, it looks great.Thank you for everything Lesley."

Nancy Reymann, United States., 4th May, 2010

"Hello Lesley, your wonderful painting arrived in perfect condition, in fact it was waiting for us on our return. So many thanks for you warm welcome, professional service and above all this lovely painting which we will enjoy for years to come.Best wishes.

Jo and Anton, United Kingdom, 4th May, 2010

"Hi Darryl,I received my huge painting yesterday I love ,love love it !!
I absolutely love the colours...its great Your packing was great as usual.
Thank you very much good job,I think a lot of heart went into it.
I will call in to Bronte Gallery when over at Christmas .Cheers"

Lisa, Sydney Australia, 4th May, 2010

"Darryl, just to let you know your painting has arrived today it was already waiting for us at the Post Office when we returned to Manchester. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit. Many thanks"

Rodney, United Kingdom, 4th May, 2010

"Dear Darryl and Lesley, the painting has arrived at our home today and everything is fine.Congratulations Lesley for having realized the beautiful painting.We have found an excellent place in our living room where we will enjoy it daily.Looking forward to visiting you next time
Many thanks all the very best of kind regards"

Marc and Marie-France, Switzerland, 4th May, 2010

"Darryl, I returned from my NZ trip yesterday and picked up the mail today.
The box with Lesley's painting in it was there waiting for me...that was quick !It arrived in great shape-thanks for the excellent packaging.

We were looking though the "ROUGH GUIDE" to NewZealand where we found you listed !.
Thanks again for the quick shipping and good packaging. I may find myself coming back for more at some point........ !!

Shannon, USA, 2nd January, 2009

"Hi Darryl,Just and note to let you know we got the parcel you sent to Norway in good time.We actually received it 2-3 weeks ago but I have been abroad.
Many thanks and Merry Xmas"

Lachlan, Norway, 2nd January, 2009

"Bonjour , Cu-Vee Cu-Vee painting just arrived at my parents home.
The painting is in perfect conditions and was very good packed !.
Thanks a lot for all.
Best Wishes"

Katell, France, 7th August, 2008

"Darryl and Lesley , Just a quick note to say how delighted we are with "Its On Me"
I have hung it and sat and looked at the artwork while the song" Its on Me " was playing and can see where some the inspiration comes from.
The military drum beat and the sound of rapid arms fire and cataclysmic crescenedo's -its all there ! thanks very much."

Pip, New Zealand, 7th August, 2008

"Darryl , we just received the painting in good condition.
Thanks for your fast shipping.
Greetings from our cold country"

Leo and Annemieke, Holland, 20th March, 2008

"Hi Darryl,That was quick !!! the paintings have arrived in perfect condition and they look magnificent on our walls here !.
Thanks for packing them so carefully, we will certainly visit you next time we are over in NZ.
All the very best"

Danni and Nigel, England, 20th March, 2008

"Hi yes , the painting arrived safe and sound and loved by our friends that have come to see it. Just need to hang it now !!.
Thanks "

Erin, New Zealand, 15th February, 2008

"Hooray !!! , Your beautifully made box arrived today.We carefully unpacked the contents,per your instructions and found
your fabulous art works.
Everything was in perfect shape!.The large piece already rests in a place of honor.
We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to New Zealand and will always remember it whenever we look at your art.
Best regards ."

Niki and Don, U.S.A., 27th January, 2007

"Hi Darryl,Just a quick email confirming the big painting I purchased was delivered by TNT in great condition.It looks great and all our friends love it. Not on the wall as yet ,I will have to decide ,if it will be hung in my office or my house.
Thanks very much Darryl,I will be sure to visit Bronte Gallery when I came to New Zealand.Cheers"

Jason, Australia, 26th January, 2007

"Hi Darryl and Lesley, great to purchase
the two lovely artworks from Lesley.They both arrived in pristine condition due to the excellent wooden packaging which survived the 12,000 mile journey very well.
By the way when we were in Christchurch we visited the art gallery
and viewed some of your works,which stood up very well in comparison to the other works of art.It seems you are well known and the chap in charge greatly approved of your work.All the very best"

Roy and Enid, England, 26th January, 2007

"Hi Darryl, your boxes arrived last week, all the art arrived safe and sound. You obviously had a good deal of experience in packing your art - beautifully done !.
We are now walking around the house checking the best places to place them. A lot of fun !.
Many thanks and we hope to see you again.We would be interested in receiving emails of any new works.
All the best "

Gae and Andrew, Australia, 3rd January, 2007

"Hey Darryl,We received the " Blue Waterfall " and everything went well.
We have found a beautiful place for the painting in our house ! , It looks really beautiful and is a brilliant reminder of the very very nice days we had in New Zealand.We will came back again and when we do we definately want to buy one of your sculptures.
Take care and best wishes."

Daniel and Bianca, Germany, 3rd January, 2007

"Dear Lesley and Darryl , My painting arrived in California in great condition and we are delighted to have it grace our home.
In fact it is a surprise gift for my husband who loved Lesleys paintings.
Thank you so much for everything."

Cindy, USA, 3rd January, 2007

"Painting arrived quickly, with excellent packing. We are absolutely delighted with it. Since visiting the gallery, it has taken us about a year of procrastination until we got the work, but it has been well worth the wait. Many thanks."

Eric Pryde, Scotland, 1st January, 2007

"Hello Darryl and Lesley, the painting arrived last week and this weekend we unpacked it.It has now found his final place hanging on our living room wall and looks very good. We are very happy with it.
Darryl you did really good job for the package/wooden box.
Thanks for that !.
We look forward to see you next time when we will be in New Zealand


Django and Sabine, Germany, 29th November, 2006

"Hi Lesley, The "Harvest" painting arrived last week on Thursday, it travelled very well and we were impressed with your wooden box.
The painting is hanging in our dinning room and looks splendid.We have a light fitting that washes it in light in the evening and we are" well pleased".
Thanks so much , we look forward to another visit to Bronte Gallery next year.
Best wishes "

Raewyn, Sydney Australia, 13th March, 2006

"Hi Darryl, the shipping box and sculpture in perfect condition were waiting for us when we got back to Hawaii.....thank you ! The whale ceramic looks great as well !
We love the pieces and will keep track of your activities on your website in future.
We enjoyed meeting you and visiting Bronte Gallery and will look forward to crossing paths again one day .We want one of Lesleys paintings next time !!.Best regards "

Elizabeth and John, Hawaii, 12th March, 2006

"Hello Darryl and Lesley,
We have all our artwork here in Austria now. Everything arrived in very good condition and on time. We are happy your two paintings and the sculpture are really great. We are getting a new table to exhibit the sculpture. The arts book you sent is very good as well.
Best wishes and thank you, Gerlinde and Michael"

Gerlinde, AUSTRIA, 15th March, 2002