Exhibitions and Collections

From 1980, Darryl Robertson has given many schools and lectures and exhibited in over 280 exhibitions. Robertson works are collected and held in Museum, Art gallery and private collections in both New Zealand and many countries around the world including Italy, Taiwan, Singapore, USA, Germany, South Africa, Japan, Switzerland, Mexico, France and Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Ireland, England and many more.

A few of many special moments that have come along for Darryl Robertson:

  • The opportunity to train with renowned New Zealand Artist Jack Laird.

  • Being awarded an ANZAC Fellowship 4 months study in Australia.

  • Co-producing a treasure (Artwork) with His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

  • Japan New Zealand Foundation Award to exhibit and Lecture in Japan.

  • A Gold Medal and Diploma in Vallauris international exhibition France.

  • A major creative development grant from the Arts Council of New Zealand.

  • Gold Medal Jury Prize in international ceramic art exhibition, Giza, Egypt.

  • Commissioned artwork in the landmark "Treasures of the Underworld Exhibition "
  • to World Expo Spain and later Holland with Queen Beatrix as patron.

  • Make an artwork for Emperor of Japan. A gift from the NZ Prime Minister Shipley.

  • War Veterans gift of a Robertson painting to the Abby of Monte Cassino collection.

  • Kutani design merit award "The Southern Cross" in Kutani International exhibition.

  • Invitation to exhibit of 30 international artists, a special show. Museo Faenza Italy.

  • Having artworks collected and held in so many special collections around the world.


Selected International Exhibitions only (from 1982)


1982 - Fletcher Brownbuilt International, Auckland, NZ.


1983 - Fletcher Brownbuilt International, Auckland, NZ.


1986 - Fletcher Brownbuilt International, Auckland, NZ.


1988 - Gold Coast Pottery Award, Surfers Paradise, Australia.


1989 - Opus Gallery Glass; Ceramic Art, London, UK.


1990 - Glasgow Festival Of Arts, Glasgow, Scotland.


1990 - New Zealand Craft in the USA.


1991 - Concorso International Ceramic Art, Faenza, Italy.


1992 - Fletcher Challenge International, Auckland, NZ.


1992 - Queen Beatrix Special Exhibition, Nelson, NZ.


1992 - Treasures of the Underworld Expo, Seville, Spain.


1992 - Treasures of the Underworld on tour, Amsterdam, Netherlands.


1992 - X111 Biennale Internationale Ceramique, Vallauris, France.


1992 - Salzbrand International Saltglaze, Koblanz, Germany.


1993 - The Cervena Tour, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Germany.


1993 - The NZ Cervena Arts Tour Exhibition, Geneva, Switzerland.


1993 - The NZ Cervena Arts Tour Exhibition, Vienna, Austria.


1993 - Darryl Robertson at the Itoh Museum, Fujimi, Japan.


1993 - Robertson & Sueyasu, Ishibashi Museum, Kurume, Japan.


1993 - Darryl Robertson Exhibition, City Hall, Fujimi, Japan.


1993 - Rainbow Centre, Sueyasu Robertson, Fukuoka, Japan.


1993 - Mitsubishi Plaza, Sueyasu & Robertson, Fukuoka, Japan.


1993 - Robertson & Sueyasu at NHK TV, Fukuoka, Japan.


1994 - Treasures of the Underworld 2 year tour, cities of NZ.


1994 - 2nd Cairo International Ceramic Art Biennale, Giza, Egypt.


1994 - Taipei International Invitational Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan.


1994 - International Cultural Exhibition Guest, Daizifu, Japan.


1995 - NZ Kilns Art, Empress Place Museum, Singapore.


1995 - Sculpture D'Art Exhibition, Raffills City, Singapore.


1995 - Gold Coast Ceramic Art Award, Surfers Paradise, Australia.


1996 - Fletcher Challenge Award International, Auckland, NZ.


1996 - Salzbrand International Saltglaze Exhibition, Koblenz, Germany.


1998 - Fletcher Challenge Award International, Auckland, NZ.


1998 - Cairo International Ceramic Art Biennale, Giza, Egypt.


1998 - 2nd Bienal de Arte en Ceramica Mexico, Monterrey, Mexico.


1998 - 1st International Biennale for Ceramics, Gauteng, South Africa.


1998 - Mashiko International Komoda Exhibition, Mashiko, Japan.


1998 - Gold Coast Ceramic Art Award, Surfers Paradise, Australia.


1999 - Sidney Meyer International Exhibition, Shepparton, Australia.


2000 - The 2000 Orton Cone Box Show, Baldwin City, USA.


2000 - NCECA Award winners from Cone Box Show, Denver, USA.


2000 -Gold Coast Ceramic Art Award, Surfers Paradise, Australia.


2000 - Taiwan Golden Ceramics Award Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan.


2000 - Mashiko International Komoda Exhibition, Mashiko, Japan.


2000 - Gold Coast Ceramic Art Award, Surfers Paradise, Australia.


2000 - Tori Corporation If Gallery Exhibition, Kagoshima, Japan.


2001 - Hayato Gallery If, Kajiki, Kagoshima. Kyushu, Japan.


2002 - Stanthorpe Ceramic Sculpture, Queensland, Australia.


2002 - International Invitation Salzbrand Exhibition, Koblenz, Germany.


2002 - Cairo International Ceramic Art Biennale, Giza, Egypt.


2002 - The 1st International Forum of Ceramics, Choueifat, Lebanon.


2002 - SOE Gallery, Kyushu, Japan.


2002 - Leuchtenburg Museum, Seitenroda,Germany.


2003 - Faenza Italy,Selected exhibition ,Form Between Continuity and Innovation,Faenza Italy.


2003 - Gold Coast International Ceramic Award, Queensland, Australia.

2003 - Sidney Meyer Art Award. Shepparton, Australia.

2003 - 1st Taiwan international Biennale, Taipei  Taiwan.

2003 - Koru Gallery Collection, Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

2004 - Captain James Cook Memorial Museum, Whitby, England.

2004 - Koru Gallery New Zealand Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan.

2004 - Yingee Museum International Exhibition, Taipei.Taiwan.

2004 - Kaoshuing Museum of Fine Arts International Exhibition, Kaoshuing, Taiwan.

2004 - Sidney Meyer Art Award,  Shepparton, Australia.

2005 Koru Gallery Group Exhibition. Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

2008 Toyamura Triennale Sculpture. Hokkaido, Japan.


Artworks held in Collections

Taipei Museum of Fine Art (2) Taipei Taiwan.

Yingko Museum of Fine Art (1) Taipei Taiwan.

Kaoshuing Museum of fine Art (1) Kaoshuing Taiwan.


National Centre Of Fine Arts (1) Giza Egypt.

Cairo International Exhibition Collection (2) Giza  Egypt.

Abby Of Monte Cassino (1) Cassino Italy.

Museo Civico (1) Nove Italy.

New Zealand Embassy (1) Rome Italy.

Museo International Ceramics (2) Faenza Italy.


Musee Historic Porcelains (2) Nyon Switzerland.

Musee Ariana. (3) Geneva Switzerland.

New Zealand Embassy (1) Geneva Switzerland.

New Zealand High Commission (1) Singapore Singapore.

New Zealand Tradenz (1) Singapore Singapore.

New Zealand High Commission (1) Pretoria South Africa.

Sandton Civic Art Gallery (1) Gautang South Africa.


National Museum New Zealand,Te Papa.(9) Wellington New Zealand

Hawkes Bay Art Gallery (1) Hastings New Zealand.

Southland Art Museum (2) Invercargill New Zealand.

Bishop Suter Art Gallery (1) Nelson New Zealand.

Anderson Park Art Gallery (3) Invercargill New Zealand.

Christchurch Art Gallery (1) Christchurch New Zealand.

Otago Museum (1) Dunedin, New Zealand.

Nelson Provincial Museum (1) Nelson New Zealand.

Prime Minister Jim Bolger (ex) (1) Wellington New Zealand.

The Govenor General (ex) (1) Auckland New Zealand.

International art collection Glaxo (1) Palm North New Zealand.

Prime Minister Jenny Shipley (ex) (1) Wellington New Zealand.

Waimea College Art Collection (1) Richmond New Zealand.

Waikato Museum of Art and History (1) Hamilton New Zealand.

Ashburton Art Gallery (1) Ashburton New Zealand.

Price Waterhouse Art Collection (4) Auckland New Zealand.

The Emperor of Japan (1) Tokyo Japan.

Mino Art Collection (3) Tajimi Japan.

Sapporo Museum Of Contempory Art (1) Sapporo Japan.

Living Treasure Tatzsuzo Shimaoka (1) Mashiko Japan.

New Zealand Consulate (1) Fukuoka Japan

Fukuoka City Collection (1) Fukuoka Japan

Sue City Collection (1) Mizunami Japan

Kurume City Collection (1) Kurume Japan

Chikuyo Gauken Collection (1) Daizaifu Japan

Fujimi City Collection (1) Fujimi Japan

Itoh Museum of Art (1) Sakai Japan

Tajimi Design Centre (1) Tajimi Japan

New Zealand Japan Assn (1) Fukuoka Japan.

Tsumagi Collection (1) Tajimi Japan

Japan New Zealand culture Assn (1) Hayato Japan

Tajimi City Hall Collection (1) Tajimi Japan

If Gallery Collection (2) Kaijiki Japan

Monash Gippsland Collection (1) Churchill Australia.

Victoria State Craft Collection (1) Melbourne Australia.

Queensland QPA Collection (1) Brisbane Australia.

Woorabina Aboriginal Collection (1) Woorbina Australia

Australian APA Collection (1) Sydney Australia.

Stanthorpe Art Gallery (1) Stanthorpe Australia.

Shepparton Art Gallery (2) Shepparton Australia.

Bond University Collection (1) Gold Coast Australia.

Coloundra City Collection (1) Coloundra Australia.


National France Ceramics Museum (1) Sevres France.

James Cook Memorial Museum (1) Whitby England.

Museum Collection Choueifat (1) Choueifat Lebanon.

New Zealand Embassy Riyahd (1) Saudi Arabia.

Zagreb International Triennial (1) Zagreb Croatia.

New Zealand High Commission Manila (1) Manila Philippines

Baker University Collection (1) Kansas USA.

Museum Leuchtenburg Kahla, (3) Thuringen Germany.

New Zealand Tradenz Santiago (1) Santiago Chile.