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A N Z A C The Southern Cross

A N Z A C  The Southern Cross

Ceramic sculpture, created by Darryl Robertson at Bronte Gallery at Nelson,New Zealand.
It is one of two Robertson held in the collection of the Museo Internazioneale Delle Ceramiche in Faenza Italia.

The work was created for the Invitation only world exhibition called (La Forma Tra Continuita E Innovazione) involving 125 artists from around the world.
The work remembers the New Zealand soldiers killed in action during the liberation of Faenza during WW2.
As well as all the people who helped in that liberation.

Made from textured clay and fired in a high temperature wood burning kiln(based on the Japanese anagama kilns).
This kiln has been established since 1986 and is fired with wood up to 4 days and nights period reaching temperatures of 1340c.Wood ash creates the glazing.

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